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I am ready to provide you with the top services that will help you to manage complicated things in Czech republic. I will stand as czech-english translator because it is still much easier to arrange some issues in Czech language than in English, not everybody is bilingual. My services are not just translating but also finding the ways how you could your neccesary issues more conveniently and smoothly.  I will charge you usually from 400 to 500 CZK (15 to 20 EUR) per any type of my job.

Top provided services for foreigners in Prague

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Phone: +420 606 178 030, E-Mail: tplacek83@gmail.com
Address: Vancurova 313, 252 63,
Roztoky by Prague
(we can arrange meeting with you anywhere in Prague)
ICO: 71780891

You can contact ME any time a day and make an appoitment with me. We will discuss your need and try to suggest the most fitting solution for you. My price is starting from 15 EUR / 1 hour.