Investment in Czech

Czech republic brings many opportunities for investors in various fields of business activities (industry, services, finance etc.). I can help you with all things related to your investments (marketing, research, administration, financing, office etc.). Contact me with your demand for checking-up any investment.

Get my help with investments in Czech republic


Just buy and hold investments:
There is a great portfolio of financial assets (shares, obligations, funds) and real assets (flats, houses, cars) for reasonable price with appreciable growth potential. According to your wishes we will do analysis throught the market and offer you some possibilites. You can be sure about saving the cost spent on professional analytics and bankers.

Set up your business from scratch:
Bring your know-how to our country and run your company here. We will recommend you the best form for your company, find good location, capable employess and set all administration issues.

Buy running business and improve:
This type of investment consists of finding undervalued things or something with not propriate use and re-making it to something useful and required. There is for example trend to reconstruct all factories to block of flats, old breweries to modern restaurant places and so on.

Some general tips where to invest your money:

Butique hotel industry: Make butique hotels (small hotels) with some special style, idea or upper above level quality across Czech republic. We are in need of such a things.
Travel agency in Czech Republic: You know what people from your country like, so give it to them, make agency that will be focused on people from your country and their need.
Science and technology: Czech Republic is a prestigious centre of nanotechnology research, pharmaceuticals and genetic research with provable achievements. There is also great basement for the things related to IT and mathematics.
Work of arts, music, fetivals: Culture programms, music and art festivals can be good thing to support and let people from the world to visit.

My price rate is from 15EUR / 1 hour.